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When can I start mowing my lawn?

Dreaming of a vibrant, green lawn that makes the neighbours stop and admire? Regular mowing is your secret weapon!

Generally, aim for your first mow in late February/early March, just before the weather warms up.

Keep the mower blades high on this first cut, like taking a trim off the top. This will encourage the grass to grow thicker and fight off weeds.

Mowing in Winter? You Bet! Believe it or not, grass can grow even in milder UK winters. But be careful when mowing in winter:

Wait for Sunshine: Frost makes grass brittle. Wait for a dry day after a frost to mow.

Don't Mow Mud: Wet lawns can get compacted by mowing, so wait for a few dry days before mowing again.

Clear Debris First: Don't use your mower as a vacuum cleaner! Rake or blow away leaves and twigs to keep the blade sharp for a clean cut.

Keep it Long: Less sunlight in winter means less food for the grass. A longer blade (around 4-5cm) helps the grass survive and bounce back stronger in spring.

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How Often Should You Mow? Here's a general guide for UK lawns:

March: One or two high cuts to keep things neat.

April-May: Mow once or even twice a week when growth picks up.

June-August: Once a week is usually enough. Stop mowing during droughts to conserve moisture.

September-October: Once or twice a week if growth is strong.

November-December: Mow every other week to keep things tidy. Stop mowing when growth stops completely.


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