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12 Mowing Tips For A Beautiful Lawn

Love it or loathe it, maintenance of the lawn is one of the essential tasks in the garden during spring and summer. Mowing is crucial to a healthy lawn because each cut encourages the grass to grow more densely, creating a full and lush green look. It prevents weeds too! Having a beautiful green area in your home can be quite time consuming, so you should make sure that you’re not wasting any time by cutting the grass the right way.

In order to keep your lawn healthy, it's important that you mow frequently, mow at the right height and keep up with any maintenance issues. Lawn mowing, cutting height and maintenance are all important factors in maintaining the quality of your lawn.


Here are 12 ways to have the best lawn in your neighbourhood this summer:

Mowing is the key to a healthy lawn. It helps stimulate growth and, as it does so, will maintain your lawn's attractive appearance.

  • For peak performance, make sure you keep your lawn mower in good shape by having it serviced regularly. One of the best ways to ensure a clean, quality cut is to have your mower serviced in time for the start of the growing season. Chips or blunt blades will bruise and ruin grass, and can cause straw-coloured dieback at the tips.

  • Cut the lawn height by one third - If you want to keep your lawn looking its best, then aim to reduce the height by a third every time you mow. If you set the height too low each time, it may affect its health and vigour.

  • Cut your grass fortnightly in early spring - The grass needs mowing less often in the early spring because it grows more slowly around this time. Simply cut it every two weeks until the weather warms up again - usually in late spring.

  • Cut weekly in late spring and summer - If you don't mow your lawn very often, you're more likely to break the rule of mowing one third of the height of the grass as poor weather sets in. You'll have to mow every week when growth rates peak in late spring.

  • Get the grass height right - Most lawns look best when the grass is about 2.5cm - 4cm tall. For used or heavily worn patches of lawn, try leaving the grass at 4cm - 5cm. In gardens with little to no sunlight, you may want to leave the grass even longer - 7cm - 8cm should be ok!

  • To suit the climate, you should change how high the blade is set. For example, when it’s hot and dry raise the height of the blade to let grass grow longer. The additional moisture in the longer foliage helps keep the grass green and shade the soil.

  • Mow on dry days - If you mow when the ground is sodden, it can be harder to cut and will cause your grass to be uneven which can lead to problems. Try cutting when soil is dry. You'll get a better result and reduce chance of these types of problems occurring later on.

  • Avoid newly sown areas - When you sow the lawn, wait until it reaches a height of 4 cm before cutting it. Mow the whole lawn area afterwards.

  • Get creative - Mowing your lawn gives you the chance to be creative and create different heights & stripes. To get a traditional striped finish, use a mower fitted with a roller. You could also leave an area un-mowed to create a more natural look, which is great for wildlife.

  • Compost the lawn clippings, or mulch them on your lawn for extra nutrients. To make good compost, you should mix grass cuttings with carbon-rich 'brown' materials to avoid making a slimy compost. The summer is a great time to leave your clippings on the lawn to help retain moisture.

  • Overgrown lawn edges often make areas look untidy. To keep your well maintained garden looking tidy, it's important to regularly re-cut these borders with an edging tool and trim excess grass after mowing.

  • Consider a professional lawn care service or gardener - If you have a large lawn and want to limit the time you spend mowing, it might be worth investing in a fortnightly lawn mowing service. Which type of service you opt for will depend on the size of your garden, the type of terrain to be mowed and, of course, your budget. If you live in Bournemouth you can get a free quote here:

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